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I have spent the last eight years helping people from all walks of life create positive change in their lives. I am grateful to have worked with college students, small business owners, executives, politicians, retirees and authors, as well as families affected by addiction, the unemployed, and seemingly hopeless. Through creative and innovative techniques, I use my education, knowledge and compassion to teach others to believe in themselves and connect with their purpose and potential.

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Steve Dillon MA CATCiv CIP SUDCC


Addiction is a brain problem, so perhaps the most interesting, exciting and effective result of developing a model to help those affected by addiction is the necessity to help others study the brain. That is, how it works, why it operates the way it does, how it became addicted, and how to change it from a negative habitual state to a positive one.  


The good news is this change is possible and the result is an exchange of unwanted habitual negative thoughts and behaviors for thoughts and behaviors, which support a new positive purpose and life vision. So, by studying the brain and addiction, we develop tools to address this, and we, as a result, develop tools to address every area of our lives….for the better. 

I found, the reality is, many of those I was working with were missing something, and at the center was a need for change of direction and a new overall life vision. And this begins with purpose discovery. When we are not aligned with our true purpose and interests, we move through life feeling uneasy and aimless. This is not our ideal condition.


To address this, I incorporated my findings into my Family Recovery and Restoration Program and my Moving Forward from Addiction/Substance Abuse Program. And I developed an entirely new program, Vision and Future Focus, which is for anyone who wants to make positive life changes. 

All of these programs have been extremely well-received and effective!

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“Steve said that we had 100% control over our own recovery regardless of what decisions our son made. We went through his Family Restoration Program and that is just what happened.


And in the process, Steve led us in an intervention on our son and now he has 100% control over his recovery as well"


Stacy H. SLO CA