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Family Recovery and Restoration Program

The Family Restoration Recovery Program is a six-week, effective, guided process which allows family members or other loved ones affected by a person’s substance abuse, addiction, or other challenges to change their status from enabler, codependent, and fearful to one of empowerment and hope starting immediately. This new-found knowledge and discovery, in return, allows them to most effectively help their loved one.


Each program is personally designed to address the particular challenges and requests of the participants. This program covers a period of six weeks, and meeting times will be scheduled weekly (once a week in person or video conferencing and once a week by phone and/or video conferencing, or entire program can be done remotely when appropriate) upon agreement between client and S. Dillon Consulting LLC.

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Upon completion of the program, followup meetings will be scheduled


The Family Restoration Recovery Program follows an intensive, comprehensive syllabus combined with

effective counseling and processing in the areas of:

  1. Assessment of the current situation and action plan to address it.

  2. Addiction/Mental Health Education: the addicted and codependent brain and how to “rewire” it.

  3. Codependency and Enabling.

  4. Behavioral History Discovery and Identification.

  5. Breaking Habituated Survival Strategies.

  6. Developing Healthy Behaviors.

  7. The Conscious and Sub-Conscious Brain, Confident and Decisive Thinking.

  8. Boundary/Goal Setting.

  9. Homework: activities, reading, documentaries etc., which complement and reinforce curriculum.

  10. Practical encouragement and support.

  11. Daily access to S. Dillon Consulting LLC via phone calls, texts, email, etc., for client, family and other relevant parties on signed release of information.

  12. Action Plan for Continued Personal Progress.

  13. Continued access to S. Dillon Consulting LLC for questions, support etc., following the Program.

*All materials (books, documentaries etc.), are provided.