Moving Forward

(from Substance Abuse/Addiction) 


 The Program includes“traditional” components, such as assessment, relapse prevention and alcohol/drug counseling, but a strong focus is put on purpose and interest identification and rewiring the brain to effectively move forward toward these newly discovered realities. 


Instead of putting the focus on what the person is trying not to be (active addict, dishonest, manipulator, family disappointment, aimless, purposeless, etc.) the focus is put on the positive things the person is trying to become based on their newly discovered current positive purpose and interests. By moving forward in this positive, effective way, they are, by default, leaving the unwanted behaviors behind. 


This program covers a period of six weeks, beginning and meeting times will be scheduled weekly (once a week in person or video conferencing and once a week by phone and/or video conferencing, or entire program can be done remotely when appropriate) upon agreement between client and S. Dillon Consulting LLC. If appropriate, The Program may be renewed on a continued six-week basis.

Services will include but not be limited to:

  1. SASSI Substance Abuse Subtle Screening Inventory Assessment ( to determine areas of high-risk).

  2. Addiction Education especially on the addicted brain and how to “rewire” it.

  3. One-on-one substance abuse counseling/relapse prevention.

  4. Interest Assessment: tools and experience to pursue identified interests.

  5. Purpose Identification: tools and experience to pursue identified findings.

  6. The Conscious and Subconscious mind, how they work and how to work them.

  7. Goal setting and practical implementation.

  8. Homework: activities, reading, documentaries etc., which complement and reinforce curriculum. 

  9. Progress letters and/or documentation to relevant parties.

  10. Daily access to S. Dillon Consulting LLC via phone calls, texts, email, etc., for client, family and other relevant parties on signed release of information.

  11.  Continued access to S. Dillon Consulting LLC for questions, support etc., following the Program.


*All materials (books, documentaries etc.), are provided.